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It's a new year, so a new banner was in order. XP

« Selective friending. (I guess?)
« Most of my fandom related picspams and anything at [ profile] picspammy are public, so you don't have to add me if you're just here for those.
« Unless you're already here and on my flist, if you hate Perfume, get out. Right now.
« Usually I make it clear where I stand in regards to KPop (used-to-be fan. I don't like it save for bits and pieces). If you're easily butt hurt, then get out. I've lost friends because of KPop before; one or two more won't hurt me.
« I really hate the adults in my family. If you preach about how 'family is forever', well, you can kindly find the exit and leave. Thank you.
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