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For the 17th Challenge (Fives!) at [ profile] picspammy. :) SPOILERS for Hotaru no Hikari, Kaiki Club, Yasuko to Kenji, LIFE, and Shibatora. (Well, I guess they're not completely spoilers? Idk. XD;;) Also, I figure I should say that some are cop-outs, and that the hug mostly happens near the end of the scene. Still, they're all very touching and heartfelt (or incredibly cute ♥).

005. Amemiya & Buchou « Hotaru no Hikari, Episode 9 »

I really love this hug because for that one moment, Buchou breaks down his wall and really shows Amemiya how he feels about her - sort of. It's sweet because he practically glomps her while she's more or less dumbstruck and their friends/colleagues watch in equal shock. Plus, I flailed like a maniac at this part, and for a chunk of the drama, I was a Amemiya/Makoto shipper. :x

004. Erika & Noboru « Kaiki Club, Episode 14 »

Okay, first off, everyone should watch this drama. While it's about 16 episodes long, each episode is only... 25-30 minutes, and I think other than the last two, they're all different stories. Plus, it has chibi!Tackey & Tsubasa! Really, how could you look away from that? Second off, THIS SCENE IS ADORABLY CUTE, yes, even more than the Hotaru no Hikari hug. What you have to know is that this episode was sort of based on the movie Groundhog Day, in which Erika repeats the same day over and over again, and at the end of each day, Noboru (chibi!Tackey~) dies. During this scene, she feels helpless because she doesn't know what to do to stop him from dying, and after he tells her that he has no idea what she's talking about, she confesses! Shocked, Noboru stops and turns around to face her, just in time for the truck that would have killed him to come whizzing by behind him. And then their friends and her brother join the two and she squeals about how the day didn't start over and she's all glad and happy and lkhfdgkjdhf IT IS PROBABLY THE CUTEST CONFESSION SCENE I'VE EVER WATCHED. ♥

003. Yasuko & Jun « Yasuko to Kenji, Episode 09 »

My favorite drama ever!! ♥♥♥ Which makes you wonder why it's not number 1, doesn't it? 8D There's just something completely endearing about this scene, especially how Yasuko exclaims that Jun should think things over and how there are lots of foreign girls that he'd meet. And Jun just hugs her and tells her how he might not be the same as her brother (who's an ex-gang-member-turned-mangaka) but he's willing enough to try and protect her and that he wants her to stay by his side and dfkjhkdfj I love this pairing so much. ♥

002. Ayumu & Miki « LIFE, Episode 04 »

Oh, LIFE, you threw my heart into a tailspin and I honestly think that you were one of the first dramas I ever marathoned. ♥ LIFE is definitely one of those dramas that keeps you on the edge of your seat and you have to know what happens to Ayumu next. One of my ultimate favorite drama scenes ever was actually from this same episode, later near the end. It's epic and definitely a good change from the normal bullying dramas. But, back to the hug. Honestly, I'm not sure why I love it so much. I think it has to do with the fact that Ayumu was extremely vulnerable at that moment and what she (literally) needed was someone to slap some sense in her, and then give her a huge, comforting bear hug, and the person to do that just so happened to be one of her only true friends, Hatori Miki. ♥♥♥

001. Taketora & Mizuki « Shibatora, Episode 11 »

Taketora: Let's start over again. I am here for you. Kojiro-san is here for you. Hakuto-kun is here. You have everyone by your side. I know you can start over again.

THIS SCENE. JUST. THIS SCENE. AND MY HEART. I TEAR UP EVERY TIME. ♥ You. Just. TEAM SHIBATORA. ♥♥♥ (watch. The part that I capped starts at around 11:20, while the whole scene itself is just a few minutes in, but you should watch from around 8:50 to the last part. ^^;;)

Random trivia, but you notice anything about Mizuki? Well, remember Chiyo from Memoirs of a Geisha? This is her! Whoever thought that adorable little girl could grow up to become the kickass Mizuki? :'D ♥

Whooo, that took forever. X3 If I convinced any of you guys to watch any of these dramas, if only to watch the hug scenes, then my goal has been accomplished. :'D

And now, I work on the 50 challenge!

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