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My 800th post is a picspam! Whoo whoo! :D

I watched Finding Mr. Destiny (Looking for Kim Jong Wook) yesterday and I really, really enjoyed it. It's really funny, sweet, and very heartfelt. And also home to probably one of my favorite movie kisses ever. ♥ There was something about the kiss that was just so, "Awwwww, so cuuuuuute!" and it made me wish I could have a kiss like that. Hahah.

About the movie! )

Oh, before we get to the picspam itself, Gong Yoo didn't play Kim Jong Wook himself, nor is it like Han Gi Joon was the one in India and they're both experiencing amnesia. I say this because in the picspam and all of the flashback scenes of India, the actor who portrays Kim Jong Wook is Gong Yoo. It's... confusing. But there's one scene at the very end that is very, very cute. You'll understand if you watch it. ^^

The Kiss )

I shall be posting this to [ profile] drama_hunt, too! And after looking up the cast again, sflkjgkjdfhgkj Lee Chung-Ah, who plays Im Soo Jung's sister, was the main girl in Temptation of Wolves! I didn't recognize her at all!! :O

(A clip of the kiss here! :) ♥)

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Like probably many of the other followers of [ profile] picspammy, when I first read that the new theme is "Scenery & Production", my mind immediately went to one (well, two) specific movies: Tada, kimi wo Aishiteru (Heavenly Forest) and Liar Game: The Final Stage. This is the Tada, kimi wo Aishiteru picspam, and I really love it. The format is kind of wonky in that there are groups of three pictures and two, and it's about 100 times longer than I expected it to be, but I really love it. ♥

Anyway, the movie is absolutely gorgeous, especially the scenes that take place in the "Heavenly Forest". The colors range from sky blues to bright greens, and it is so incredibly pretty. Other parts of the movie provide eyecandy, too. Anyway, I hope you like this picspam! It's been a while since I've done one. XD Oh, and this is my favorite Japanese movie ever, and I cried again as I rewatched it to do this picspam. 8D

it was the only kiss, the love i have ever known )
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For the 17th Challenge (Fives!) at [ profile] picspammy. :) SPOILERS for Hotaru no Hikari, Kaiki Club, Yasuko to Kenji, LIFE, and Shibatora. (Well, I guess they're not completely spoilers? Idk. XD;;) Also, I figure I should say that some are cop-outs, and that the hug mostly happens near the end of the scene. Still, they're all very touching and heartfelt (or incredibly cute ♥).

♥♥♥! :') )

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Yamapi quickly became one of my favorite JE idols. Not that he wasn't before, he just kind of cemented his place in my heart? I think it had to do with Buzzer Beat, which I more or less loved to bits and pieces. So in response to Challenge 14 at [ profile] picspammy (End-of-the-Decade), I decided to a picspam on Yamapi, from 2000 to 2009. It includes music videos, dramas, and scans in chronological order, and there would have been GIFs too, but my brain is too fried right now to look for any. :Db

WARNING: Not dial-up safe, major spoilers for some of his dramas, and, uh, if some scans are actually from a different year than the one they were put under (and there is one like that >>), then just ignore it. Please? ^^

A Decade of Pi → 2000 - 2009, Part 1 )
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You are my science.

You make me believe in the atoms in your skin.

Now I believe in the chemistry in our kiss.

And now I believe in the molecules that make up love.

You are my science. I am a scientist.

A Decade of Pi → 2000 - 2009, Part 2 )

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Day 01 → Your favorite song
Day 02 → Your favorite movie
Day 03 → Your favorite television show
Day 04 → Your favorite book
Day 05 → Your favorite quote
Day 06 → Whatever tickles your fancy

I can't remember exactly when I discovered this blog but it was during the Winter or Autumn, and I'd told Bi and Thao about some of it when my family was visiting theirs in Kansas. So maybe November or December last year? Anyway, it was a link that someone posted as their "Favorite Blogs" on one of their listography lists and I decided to check it out and promptly fell in love. Or as much love as you could fall in love with a blog. It's really... idk, something that you need to read for yourself?

I've compiled my favorite entries and their accompanying pictures together, with 48 in all. (Unintentionally, of course, even if that's my favorite number.) My last picspam for the 13th challenge at [ profile] picspammy.

♥ nhi

You were meant to read these words )
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Anyone who is on my flist knows how much I love Threadless shirts. In fact, by this time next week, I'll have a new one hanging in my closet! My sister and I (well, mostly my sister) take advantage of any unique sales that they have - on 9/9/09, all of their shirts were just, you guessed it, $9; on 11/2/09, it was free shipping. Actually, I'm not sure why they decided to have free shipping, but I'm getting a shirt for it, so why wonder? :'D

Anyway, the first 8 are the shirts that my sister and I own, and the rest are just some of my favorite designs. :) Sorry it's all unorganized. XD;; For [ profile] picspammy's 13th Challenge!

We like cute and funny. :D )
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Any Ayumi Hamasaki fans on here? No? Well, you guys should check out this picspam anyway, because it took me forever to do it. :'D 2 for the price of 1, it's for STEPyou and marionette, two of my favorite music videos/songs by her. STEPyou was one of the first JPop songs that I loved back when I first got into the fandom (probably even before I really knew Johnny's!) and then I was addicted to marionette for a while when it first came out. ^^ Both are for the 13th challenge @ [ profile] picspammy, since I've never picspammed a music video before. :)

(And then my name's WOMEN is one that I just did to add, because I forgot about it before. :'D)

So You & Me - STEPyou )

We got hurt, even lost sight of light - marionette )

We are not dolls who are only dreaming - my name's WOMEN )

Please don't use any of these to make graphics, since like I said before, it took me forever to make this pretty. :'D


edit://one more picspam, eheheh. ^^;;

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Nov. 8th, 2009 08:02 pm
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My picspam for the... 13th challenge of [ profile] picspammy. :) My picspams are usually, if not always, jdrama related, but after watching this sort of fashion show, I kind of fell in love with all of the outfits that they modeled, so I decided to cap some of them. These outfits are my favorites. (The quality of the video itself was rather... not that great, so I apologize in advance. ^^;;)

Seventeen Summer High School~ )

... not the longest picspam ever, now that I think about it. :/


066: :)

Sep. 10th, 2009 08:01 pm
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I've been working on this for the past few days~ I hope you guys enjoy it! ^^

(for [ profile] picspammy's 12th challenge) (oh, and i kinda stole this idea from [ profile] scanky_chops. >> kinda. 8D;;)

and your voice was all i heard... )
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Or the episode that made Takayama Yuko one of my favorite Young Actresses. ♥ Highly (HIGHLY!) spoilerific for episode 6, so if you're a spoiler-phobe, stay away, obviously. There will be sparse commentary because anything I say will ruin the mood.

(WARNING: Because I am an idiot, I capped this from a 1280x720 video. Therefore, THE CAPS ARE HUGE. AND THERE IS A LOT. Don't let that deter you from looking at it, ne? ^^;; And hey, the quality is better than normal, so. 8D NOT AT ALL DIAL-UP SAFE)

i cried while capping this. and i will probably cry again as i post it. just saying. )

And now I go and cry my eyes out. And I've realized that I have a lot more crying scenes, so expect more, soon.

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Or just my favorite parts, at least. Oh crap, I have a meme I need to do, too. D: ...oh well, I'll do that later. ^^;;

So most of this is Naka Riisa and/or Yamamoto Yusuke, but eh )

...I probably should have ended with a Tsuyoshi cap, ne? XD;;

I only capped the parts that I liked or found interest, so. If I capped the whole episode, there would be about three times this much. XDDDDDDDDDDDD;;

So, does the eye candy make you want to watch it~? :P


eta:// ...oh wait, now that i think about it, there'd be 2 other parts, not three times this much in this post. or something. dlkgjsh idk. 8D