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Yamapi quickly became one of my favorite JE idols. Not that he wasn't before, he just kind of cemented his place in my heart? I think it had to do with Buzzer Beat, which I more or less loved to bits and pieces. So in response to Challenge 14 at [ profile] picspammy (End-of-the-Decade), I decided to a picspam on Yamapi, from 2000 to 2009. It includes music videos, dramas, and scans in chronological order, and there would have been GIFs too, but my brain is too fried right now to look for any. :Db

WARNING: Not dial-up safe, major spoilers for some of his dramas, and, uh, if some scans are actually from a different year than the one they were put under (and there is one like that >>), then just ignore it. Please? ^^


Ikebukuro West Gate Park → Mizuno Shun

What started out as a drama that made me go, "What the hell am I watching?" turned into my second favorite role of Yamapi's. He played a talented (and I mean talented) otaku/artist with a penchant for drawing dead girls. He was 15, incredibly chibi, and adorably woobie. I kind of really loved him because he was just so tiny and cute. One of my favorite part's has to be Row 5, Column 5 and 6, where Makoto, Masa, and Hikaru find out that he was going out with Kaoru (I think? Idk). Of course, the drama writers had to hate us and he... well. Just look at the last two caps. ;A;



Long Love Letter → Ootomo Tadashi

My #1 Yamapi drama, and also one of my favorite dramas overall! I'm not sure what it is about Tadashi that I love so much, but I do. It felt like... he was one of the sanest of the students? Even if he always wanted to kill someone (watch it to understand), Tadashi was one of the most realistic, in my opinion. Or maybe it doesn't even have to do with him, but him and his love interest, Nishi. I'm a sucker for romance, even in the smallest bit, and seeing as I already love Yamapi, I knew that I would flail like crazy over any sort of love between him and any of the girls (yes, I am that crazy). Maybe it was just how he protected Nishi and cared for her, but I loved the two of them together. In fact, the scene in Row 19 (which I might picspam by itself) is one of my all-time favorite drama scenes. There's just something very sweet with how he says, "I'll protect her. That's what I've decided." X'3 :flails:



Oh, Yamapi, you look skinnier than Nga, and she's skinny. :sigh: NewS NIPPON has never been a favorite song of mine, which is sad because it was the only song that Moriuchi Takahiro was featured in before he left to become a rock star. Maybe it's the beat or the melody or something, idk.


Kibou ~Yell~ ← NewS
Kibou ~Yell~! Or better known as, "That one music video where they wear grandma's curtains". I actually really like this song. Granted, my favorite part is Kusano's solo part, but meh.

Akaku Moyuru Taiyou ← NewS
In which NewS play around with colorful plastic balls and you can tell that certain groups have been established. :coughcough: I really liked this back then for it's techno beat, and it helped me in naming all of the members. X3


Nobuta wo Produce → Kusano Akira

Akira is probably the fandom's favorite Yamapi drama role. Akira was kind of crazy and spastic and easily got drunk on soymilk. His catchphrase was "Kon~" and he was hopelessly in love with Nobuta, who only had eyes for the douche Shuuji. I definitely loved Akira and I admit to being a Yamaki fan way back when I first watched this and Kurosagi, but that kind of disappeared when my utmost love for Horikita Maki turned into an almost intense dislike for her. (Ironically, I hated Erika Toda before watching this because of her Umi in HYD2, but then I loved her after. XP) But Akira is awesome with or without Nobuta. :)

Cherish ← NewS

lskhkshdfkjshd The first NewS music video that I ever watched and I promptly fell in love. It holds a very special place in my heart and is probably my favorite NewS song ever. It's just sweet and cute and a little awkward with their hip shaking. :'3


While Cherish is my favorite NewS song, TEPPEN is my favorite NewS music video. It's just them messing around in water and playing sports and acting like boys (and dancing and singing at the camera, of course), but they just look really happy. It kinda makes me wish I was there with them~ :'3 And I just realized this, but this was actually the last song of 8-nin NewS. That's not one of the reasons why I love it, of course, but it's kind of bittersweet.

Seishun Amigo ← Shuuji to Akira

The ending song to Nobuta wo Produce. I think it's one of the most famous Japanese pop songs? Or something like that, idk. What I do know that it is a good song, and that whenever someone says 'si', I feel the urge to continue with, 'oretachi wa itsude-e-mo~'. X3

Since I can sense this getting long, on to part 2!